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I have a particular problems that is halting me from doing some backup, the situation is this: I have a Desktop workhorse that has a lot of crucial data on it, inside it has 5 HDDs. One is the C Drive the other 4 drives are in a Raid 10 Format and they are all 1TB Seagate Drives. I want to use iso copy the C drive. The problem is that I cant tell which drive is the C drive and im curious if there is a software/bios solution that can tell me what SATA port the C drive is engaged in. The Motherboard is a ASUS ROG Formula X58 Board.
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  1. Go to computer manangement - disk management. On it it says disk 0 ect, right click and property. It has information that helps. Physical location you have to consult motherboard menu.
  2. Be careful thou.
    Some motherboards mis-match physical ports to what is reported into the bios, and what is reported in windows.
    Like on my computer my C: drive(1tb) is connected to port 1, but is reported as port 3 in the bios, and is reported as port 0 in windows.

    This mess created alot of confusion.
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