Water cool motherboard?

I have the Asus Rampage IV Extreme motherboard and XSPC make a water block set for that motherboard. Is there really ny benefit to that? A motherboard to me doesn't seem to make any noise or overheat.
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  1. There are not many benefits if you don't plan on doing extreme BCLK or extreme voltage increases that could cause overheating of the Mobo. To be honest it just adds unnecessary effort.
  2. Hell no!

    TBH Mobo waterblocks and memory waterblocks are a complete waste.
  3. ^ As they add restriction to the loop and due to their low profile nature, a (fullcover)waterblock may not have an intricate pin(thermal diffuser) layout as a high performing CPU waterblock thus the need to go for a mobo cooling via watercooling is pointless...unless you have an old board(pre x58) where all the heat WAS the VRM's and not the dimms.

    On another note, the blocks are also mainly for aesthetics too and they don't come cheap.
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