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I purchased a 8320 a couple days ago and was wondering how to get the most out of it. I have managed to OC it to 4.2 ghz with just the multiplier with leaving the voltage on auto. I want to take direct Control of my voltages but I'm not sure what to set it to, while running prime95 CPUZ shows my voltages bouncing around from the mid 1.3 to mid 1.4. Also, I heard that disabling some cores can lower thermals and get higher FPS in games. Can someone help me with this?
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  1. I tried the same thing with my brother's and I only got to 4.3 GHz. It's much more complicated than overclocking my i5-3570k or even the Phenom II's...
  2. See what the AMD Overdrive utilty will do. Keep you settings auto in the BIOS then let the util work for a few hours, including reboots. It will adjust multiplier and voltage, so if you pay attention you can get an idea for some manual settings and due stability testing on your own. Also it has a "quick settings" which can be VERY aggressive, so start at 0. You may have to set to 1, apply, the back to 0, apply, something the first setting doesn't stick.

    As for disabling cores, this is more manual and probably not as practical since it requires switch them on and off manually, but you will get better overclocks (technically).
  3. Can someone help me with this
  4. Ok I found that the stock voltage setting seems to be 1.45 v. Is this normal?
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