Best mobo to SLi 2x evga gtx 480 superclocked

Hi all,
Can you advise me on which mobo to select to enable me to have 2 x evga gtx 480 superclocked GPU's?

I woould like to have space between them to have good cooling.

Thanks all
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  1. What CPU are you using ?
  2. ^+1

    And all the mobos works over standard, that menas that the space between PCI-E lines are almost the same in all mobos.
  3. I'm going to upgrade my CPU to i7 960 I think it is. Thinking of the ASIs rampage III
  4. ASUS Rampage III(Both Extreme and Formula) is one of the most expensive and best OC'er in X58 motherboards.So unless you need their extra feature and a huge OC'ng potential,buy them;otherwise,all of Saint 19's recommendations are excellent.
  5. How about w/ a 965 cpu? Must I refrain from a crossfire card? I have a asus 480
  6. AMD chipsets support CF only.So if you are planing to run SLI,then go with an Intel board.They're better for SLI support(compared to AMD Nvidia chipsets)
  7. ^That, or use HACK SLI.
  8. Well,that's a bit risky,don't you think German :) ?
  9. Not really, if you do it in the proper way and use the correct nVidia driver is as easy as install your OS.
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