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Motherboard GA-MA770-DS3P

Hello, having some trouble understanding the concept of SATA Ports (connectors).
On my Motherboard I have 6 SATA Connectors. But reading the specs it states that (SATAII0, SATAII1, SATAII2, SATAII3) supporting up to 4 SATA 3Gb/s devices.

I have 6 ports but I can only use 4?? Confused... Can I have some detailed explanation about this please.
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    Gigabyte's website has this poorly written. Basically in very few words they are trying to say that ports 0-3 are for standard SATA usage. Ports 4&5 support RAID AS WELL as regular SATA usage.
    The manual clarifies this, but only slightly. :)
    Rest assured if you wanted to install 6 SATA devices, they would work.
  2. Ports 4 and 5 might be on a different controller as well. Some boards have SATA supported through the southbridge, with more ports supported by a third party chip. I didn't read the manual but if what Psaus is true, odds are they are also on a different chip.

    Basically it means nothing. Don't worry about it.
  3. ^ 4745454b is correct. Ports 4&5 are on a different controller. But as he also said, it's nothing to really worry about. :)
  4. Thanks Guys :) I understand now
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