ATI 4670 vs Nvidia 7800GS 256m ? (AGP)

hey guys, im about to buy the Ati card but ive been reading so many post that are confusing me.
Iam saving for a new system for next year(broke atm) but i need some more power in my computer, i mostly play FPS and tons of WoW(i raid with a top end guild, so you get the idea on how much i play this).

Ive been looking at this card for some time now and like i said im about to buy it, seen very good comments about it. my question is, for the people that already have one or tested one, if its really worth the upgrade from what i have right now, currently with my system spec i have, iam getting like 10fps with doing 25man raids in WoW and 25fps while sitting doing nothing, dalaran is dif story its always at 10fps. Using 4xaa/4xAS.

This is what i have:

Gigabyte 8KNXP rev2.0 Mobo / socket 478
P4(prescott) 3.0ghz - overclocked to 3.6ghz
2Gigs of dual channel OCZ platinum
WD raptor drive (i use it for my games)
PC power and cooling 550w PSU
BFG 7800GS 256m video card.

thanks for any tip on this.

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  1. hmm that 5670 card you refer sound more like a PCIxpress card, or is there a 5670agp out there ?

    resellers dont have it listed.
  2. yep thats the card im getting, hope i get good performance against my old 7800gs because im really broke right now :P
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