I cant tell if my temp tellers are broke or not

I just built my computer two days ago, and I've been a little worried because I normally see how in most peoples computers, theres always a couple problems. But so far, I've had a very smooth start. Games run great, no problems there. But then I started to monitor how HWmonitor is performing and a little temp ball detector that came with my case that displays what the temp around the little ball is.

Everything is COLD. And when I mean cold, I mean cold. My processor idles at 10c and the highest temp it has ever been was 46c, either during Guild wars 2 with highest settings in World V world, or Starcraft 2, all high settings, 4v4, 200/200 cap for all.

Graphics card has the same story, not as low though. Idles at 21c, max it's been is 44c.

Thinking these were bogus, I opened my case and got rid of my static and then felt around while I was idling with these temps.

Everything is as cold as it says. Heat sink on CPU is cold. GPU is cold. (At least, its warm, but for a GPU you'd be expecting more.)

My CPU is a AMD FX-6100 (Before you say why I got an AMD, it's because it saved me money and its performing completely fine) and my GPU is a Gigabyte HD 7850 2gb (It also comes over clocked; shouldn't the temps be higher?)

Using stock fans on my case, two exhaust, two intake. Why is everything this cold? Is it suppose to be this cold? I'm confused. Put in Overclocking category because not sure where to put this.
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  1. What are your room temps? By all means it is possible for those temps depending on that.
  2. IF your room temp is 5-7 degrees then these temps are normal if not you've got issues.
  3. darth pravus said:
    IF your room temp is 5-7 degrees then these temps are normal if not you've got issues.

    My room is 25c and my CPU can idle at around 25c, and it's over-clocked. My GPU will sit around 30c with it's also over-clocked. It all depends on the case cooling and the room's temp/air flow.

    I do agree it seems very low, but it is possible.
  4. If the room is freezing. My GPU idles at 25 and CPU at the same
  5. I live in Canada in British columbia and we've been hit by a cold snap, so its around 3-10c during the day. That might explain the temps, actually. I woke up this morning, booted up the computer and had it download some things and listen to music. It was colder then yesterday this morning, and it was idling at 6c. Gpu stays around 20c.

    I guess I can blame the cold weather we're having right now
  6. Then it's entirely possible and you have nothing to worry about. Now use those temps and crank that oc ;)
  7. Ah, another Canadian! I overclock a bit more in the winters, helps heat my room, haha. But then I need to lower the OC in the summers.
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