Good overclock or bad? amd 6300

i think i did pretty well

the cpu is at 4.5ghz

(4550mhz) with 1.392 volts

Played battlefield 3 for about a hour and a half and hit a max of 56c

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  1. It seems fine in a game for sure. Have you run any other stress tests?
  2. i have prime 95. how long should i test for? before i can say its "Stable"
  3. I'd say a few hours at least, but I'd personally say it's fine if its overnight or during the day at work and fine when you wake up/get home.
  4. Can you get the volts any lower?
  5. I can try to get volts lower. but everytime i put in 1.3 it automaticly goes to 1.39 for some reason. is 1.39volts too much for this cpu?
  6. Try and use offset voltage instead. What LLC are you using?
  7. LLC i havent changed at all. what is it normally stock?
  8. NOt a clue. Flat usually. 3 or 4 is usually good for low voltage.
  9. Prime 95 been running 1 hour max temp 68. bear in mind its super hot today (40c) im sweating just sitting down. so normally the temps wouldnt go higher than 60c which i think is fine? isnt it? also everything is stable after 1 hour. ill run it over night just in case but so far so good
  10. That sounds pretty good to me.
  11. Awesome man thanks alot dude. cheers for the quick reponses. i just hope i can get the voltage stable to around 1.35 i f i cant ill just leave it at 1.39 temps are fine anyway
  12. Just a update. Got it stable at 1.34volts. everything is fine :D
  13. I could be wrong here but last I read max recommended temps for fx cpu's was still 55C. Might wanna check into that before you OC anymore.
  14. I was reading just now since you said that. amd says 61C is max. after playing bf3 then batman arkham city total of like a 3 hour gaming sesh. i hit a max 58c i

    i have 1.34-1.35 volts stable at 4.5.ghz now i could go down to 4.2-4.3ghz and maybie get a stable like 1.3 volts what you think?
  15. Lolwut?! ive been looking at the wrong thing the whole time ive been getting 51c under full load prime 95 thats pretty good? 1.34volts max 51c 4.5ghz
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    Leave it there. Thats a good compromise of temp/voltage/clock speed.

    The chip will go much higher before thermal shutdown so no worries.
  17. Awesome cheers. best answer to you.
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