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Do the nvidia chipsets work well? i would like to use an AMD 970 be but i want to run 2 EVGA GTX 460'S FTW possibly... what nvidia MOBO should i get? (newegg.com)
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  1. Nvidia AM3 boards aren't as good as AMD chipsets.
    Anyway,have a look at ASUS M4N98TD EVO
  2. I didn't mean that Nvidia AMD chipsets are bad,but overall AMD ATI chipsets have better features(such as better CPU support and better OC'ng potential)
  3. I was planning on using a gtx 580, but i wanted room for upgrade.. should i stick with the AMD board then?
  4. i Would prefer ATX since i have the room for it in a full tower case, but it doesnt really matter to too much. i would prefer ddr3 and anything that runs AM3, im running a 955 BE. I also want to learn how to OC so something that makes it a little easier would'nt hurt:)
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