Just received my new card

hey im kind of bombed out here ordered a new graphic card on Friday received it 1 hour ago BUT they send me the wrong kind but there are some pros and cons i would really like to know witch one you would prefer

this is the on i ordered

and this is the one i received

im running from a evga 780i sli, if you need any other specs please say so (;
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  1. I would RMA because the top one has a better cooler with back port vents, and it was supposed to come with a free game. They should have sent you the product you ordered. Call and complain. I'd rather have the top card myself.
  2. I would return it also. It's not what you ordered.
  3. thanks already on it (;
  4. + the one you got is slower than the one you ordered, dont stand for that cr*p (756mhz vs 675mhz GPU clock)
  5. As others have said - the one you ordered is $20 more than the one you received on Newegg.com and is quite a bit slower and has poorer cooling - SO I'd return it or get a substantial credit on the purchase price !!
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