Pata drive removed sata failed to boot

I have a Samsung PATA HDD (80gb) and a Seagate SATA (750gb) with Windows 7 ultimate loaded on both. When PATA is disconnected and I try to boot from the SATA HDD; it shows disk boot failure. I checked SATA HDD for bad sectors and with Ubuntu SMART scan. No problems with the disc. SATA is also detected in bios and boot screen. If I reconnect PATA; any of the two OS could be accessed. Why PATA is used as a initiator for booting?
My MB is Gigabyte MA78GPM-DS2H. Processor AMD PhenomII X4 955, RAM 4gb.
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  1. When you installed Win 7 did you have both drives in the computer? My suspicion is that the PATA drive got it first.
  2. No it was done exclusively.
  3. And the SATA drive is first in the boot order in BIOS? If so try a repair install!
  4. Yes. Thanks. I had thought of the same option.
  5. It fails. Another option is to format and reload after disconnecting the PATA. But formatting is a bit heavy on heart.
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