Motherboard for GTX 460 and Core i3 processor

Hey guys,

Can you suggest me some good motherboard/processor combo. I already have an EVGA 1gb GTX 460 graphic card and am looking to buy a motherboard and processor.

I have pretty much fixed my budget around 150 - 200. The lower the better. I feel that i3 processor is the best one to match the price and performance.

Kindly advice. Also I have an old XFX 8600 Alpha dog Card. So if I can do anything with it (SLI) , those advice are also most welcome.

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  1. you can actually dedicate the second card (worse one) for physx it will be worth it
  2. Yeah I was planning to do that. Can you suggest a cheap but efficient motherboard which can do that. I thought of Asus P7H55-M LE Motherboard. But I don't need the on board graphic support. So a cheaper alternative would suffice.
  3. BUMP :(
  4. he might want a 32nm chip for power savings?

    an i5 would be more powerful but also more money and if he wants just a good platform to start with that gigabyte board could be upgraded to an i5 or even an i7. with a budget tha ttight though doubt he can stretch to the i5 right now. but a possible upgrade in the future :D
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. But I definitely do not want to upgrade the system for another 2-3 years. I already own a decent gaming laptop. This is just for backing up my files and playing few games occasionally.
    Will i need a new power supply as well? My current power supply gives around 500W , give or take a few. I was looking for this :

    As far as Mobo + Processor, I have time till 3rd week of December. So anything which will suit the budget would do.
  6. g00fysmiley said:

    Though the deal above was good. Looks like there are a lot of negative replies. I will be leaving the country during Christmas for almost a month on vacation. So I don't think I will be able to RMA in case something goes wrong (DOA or similar).

    How about this deal:
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