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All I wanted to do was build a new pc that would be fairly quiet, and fairly fast. So I bought the parts and built it, but the display cuts in and out. This morning it worked for about 2 hours perfectly, but then the display starts cutting in and out. At first I thought that it might be that something was overheating, but I was able to read the CPU temp (33 - 36 C) and the GPU temp (38 - 51 C) and they seemed to stabilize at CPU 33C and GPU 41C. I have tried switching video cards, both cards are similar and both show the cutting in and out. I did install an extra 120mm fan blowing directly on the video card. I basicly don't know what to do next. Here's a list of components:

Motherboard: Asus P6T Deluxe V2
CPU: Intel i7 - 920 Bloomfield 2.66 Ghz
RAM: Corsair Dominator 66b DDR3 1600
CASE: Antec P183 with 4 nexus 120mm fans and noise dampening case insulation
Power Supply: Nexus RX-6300 630 watt
CPU cooler: Zalman CNPS10X quiet 120mm
Windows 7 Professional

Video Cards:
Installed now:
EVGA GeForce 9800 GT 16B 256 bit GDDR3

Also tried:
Gigabyte GV-N98TSL-1GL Silent Cell 9800 GT

Please someone take pity on me and help. I'm about ready to put it out on the driveway and run over it.
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  1. Don't run it over, ship it to me.

    (But remove that piece of crap card first)
  2. Did you try a different graphics driver? How about another monitor?
  3. I tried different drivers for each video card. Also I have tried 2 monitors, video cut out on both.

    I'm wondering if a bios update would do any good. I've never done that before.
  4. You should update the BIOS.

    Does the same thing occur if you run the machine under a Linux Live CD?
  5. I will update the BIOS if I can get the flickering to stop long enough. No, it does not occur under Linux.
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