Thermal Paste on CPU pins

I need some help with my CPU

I was re-building my PC to do some cable management and I decided to add some new thermal paste I went overboard and the paste slipped under the CPU to the pins

some pins are COMPLETELY covered with paste some somewhat covered and some not touched with paste

Also when i took out the CPU before i put the paste i noticed two pins are bent what will that effect on my PC?

I have rubbing alcohol and am using that but getting between the pins is a pain.

I was suggested to put the rubbing alcohol in a bowl and put the CPU in the bowl and let it be overnight and the paste will come of by itself good or bad idea?

The paste also got in the CPU socket on the motherboard should I get the rubbing alcohol and rub that off?

Do you think its worth a try or not?

CPU: AMD phenom 64

Motherboard: ASUS M2N68-AM

CPU Pic:

CPU Fan Pic:

CPU Socket on Motherboard

Please I do not want any comments like "sucks for you" or "your screwed". I know my mistake and don't need anymore negative comments, Thanks.

Thanks for your help!!!
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  1. Soaking your CPU in rubbing alcohol is a bad idea. Find a soft, small brush you could use with alcohol to clean the pins. Try to only use it on the areas with thermal paste, don't clean the whole CPU. The bent pins are fine if they still make a good connection in the socket, I wouldn't do anything with them unless your CPU doesn't work at all.
  2. I am NOT soaking the whole CPU in alcohol only the pins also any idea on getting the paste of the socket? :o
  3. What kind of paste is it? Not all thermal paste are electrically conductive. Just be careful and methodical about cleaning it, and you should be ok.
  4. As sportsfanboy said its a major issue if you're using paste that contains electrically conductive particles such as silver etc. I'd try to clean it all off just to be safe. The only thing I can recommend is rubbing alcohol and cotton wool buds (q tips) although you'll have to be careful not to bend the pins further. There's not really an easy way of doing it, you'll just have to get off everything you can and hope for the best. I would also try to straighten out those bent pins just be very gentle with them. Best of luck!
  5. I got the PC to work I cleaned CPU by soaking the cpu in pin high rubbing alcohol .

    We got paste of socket by brushing it with a tooth brush that had rubbing alcohol on it.

    The fan we just used rubbing alcohol and a napkin.
  6. Nice
  7. soft movements with a toothpick to get you through some tricky tight cpu pin space, maybe even use a sewing needle, but be careful not to scrape surface, before picking up the pin or even the toothpick, wear a a surgical glove or washing gloves to stop any extra small charge current running into the cpu from your body and sweat from your hands which contains sulfurs and salts, which aid in transmitting currents (best to be safer with all PC hardwares).
  8. I had the same issue with my old Core2Duo CPU, I put too much thermal paste and it slipped under it. I took a soft cloth and rubbed it off carefully and it worked. I did not use alcohol, just a microfiber cloth.

    Though after that I messed around a bit more and broke MB socket pins :p

    I learned my lesson though, now I only apply thermal paste with the cotton ear buds, just put some on the bud and apply a VERY THIN layer over the CPU.
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