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Im getting ready to order a H-100i and I'm having second thoughts after reading some of the reviews . There are many accounts of noise , buggy software , and less than desired performance . Later reviews claim that the updated firmware fixed two of the issues and playing with pump speed fixed the last . If anyone has firsthand experience with them I'd very much appreciate the input .
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  1. yea get a XSPC RX 360 kit and be done with it you will thank yourself later for it.

    i do not like the all in one kits but if you must have one koolance makes a nice one and so does swiftech.

    i have a custom rig and always have and have never had any major issues.
  2. Tell me the reasons you are considering spending $115 on an H100i instead of a good air cooler or an entry level watercooling kit.

    I am always curious as to why these closed loop coolers are always chosen as the option everyone wants for that price range with similar performance to air coolers costing less money.
  3. Maybe its convenience that you don't need to tear down the loop...? <--:lol: aluminium rad and weak pump, no thank you!

    I'm curious as to how a firmware update can shutdown the grinding noise a pump makes - its either a a lil bubble of air that's being thrown back into the loop via a higher rpm'd pump which'll die out when the bubble comes out to due to lowered pump speed...?

    To understand what the H100 is, you should go down to the roots and read the watercooling sticky(in my sig).
  4. I will absolutely read . Ive been following the custom watercooling thing forever to be honest and feel I'm as well up on it as one can be short of actually owning it lol . I'm going for it because I'm just at the beginning of my build and the custom loop I have planned includes a 240 mm and a 420 mm rad cpu block , gpu block x 2 etc. etc . etc . I could go cheap ie. 212 evo but the Im modding the case for the 240 mm rad now so I felt the h-100i would be a likely substitute untill I recoup enough money to do the custom loop ( say next summer ) . I agree in principle with your thoughts . I just need something to get me through the next 6 months . A single item in this case the h-100i will be easier to re-sell come summer than say getting an entry level raystorm kit and doing the same . Please fire back with more thoughts . I'm definately on the fence on this one ..
  5. The H100i isn't worth selling(to anyone), after you've owned one you'd want to throw it in the bin as I am contemplating.

    If its the need to recuperate your funds, getting the Hyper would be better, keep yourself on a mild OC and when the time comes you can sell the Hyper however, with blokes like us, we actually have a spare cooler at the Hyper fits the bill on both fronts of the fence.

    But yeah until the time comes to shell that hard earned money(assuming :P) might want to read the watercooling sticky, and then some more and then some more - it'll make sense :) but like me, when you've organized a list of parts, you've already figured out how the thing looks and the sort of layout you'll have without falling into any snags along the road since you've done your research thoroughly.
  6. My vote would be save up another 30-50 dollars and get yourself a raystorm kit, at least then you will have something to build off of.

    Otherwise, I'd say get the hyper and then just keep it for a spare once you get your WC parts.
  7. I looked briefly ( 4 year old competing for my attention ) at the raystorm kits on dazmode .. if I'm going that way I want the rx 240 and a tank res . I got rid of my hdd x 7 cage (front ) and cutting out all but 2 5 1/4 optical bays so a bay res wont do . The case a Lian Li PC-A70f isnt new or cutting edge but its been sitting patiently for a year for me to build . I have plenty of room but didnt like what I saw on dazmode ... Any thoughts on where I could get a kit like that ???
  8. Link fail .. sorry
  9. You'd be much treated to a custom kit since you've taken the effort to cut alot out of your case instead of a kit where the bay res would be left out and you'd then begin to have alot of secondary parts with no use :P

    Get things right first time so that you can treat yourself to another watercooling venture. Instead of being left with a bitter taste at the end :)
  10. An rx 240 would do for a cpu loop .... hmmmmm . kk now I godda crunch numbers .. damn you ! :)
  11. * I didn't single out the rad either, the research will determine your raddage at the rated fan speed ;)
  12. Hmmm this looks good but wont hit the shelves for a few months potentially .. Swifttech H220
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