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Building first computer, questions about motherboard connections

Don't know much about building computers, but decided to build my own for fun (made earlier thread on here). I'm using a guide from here, but it's not quite thorough enough. I have the psu, motherboard, cpu, cpu fan, hard drives (80 gb ssd and 1tb), and cd/dvd and blu ray drive in place. But now I have a couple questions.

1. I'm currently connecting the case connectors from a HAF 922 to the motherboard (asus p55 e pro). From the front panel, I have the pled+/-, pwrsw, hdd led, reset connected. But now am unsure where to put the ATA Serial, HD Audio and AC 97, and USB.
-HD Audio/AC 97- I'm guessing the hd audio not the ac 97 to the front panel audio connector?
-ATA Serial I'm guessing connects to one of the SATAs, but wondering which one. (Theres SATA 1-6) But not sure which one? Guessing the last after the hard drives and optical drives?
-USB: There's 3 on the motherboard (USB1112,910,78). I have a usb from the front panel, does it matter which one I stick it into?

2. The SATA connections. Theres 6 (SATA 1-6) 3 gb/s, 2 SATA 6 gb/s, and then 1 7 pin SATA E1 (??). Which ones do I put which in? I have SSD, 1 TB hard drive, DVD RW, blu ray, and then the SATA from the front (previously mentioned). I'm guessing ssd, the primary hard drive, will be in SATA 1, but just making sure its not into a SATA 6. But how about the rest?

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    You pretty much answered all your own questions.
    ESATA - Just use an empty SATA port after connecting internal hard drives.
    HD Audio to the front.
    USB should work with any of them.
    Use SATA 0-6 with the lowest numbers first.
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