GTX 260 x 2 or GTX 285 X 1

My GTX 260 X 2 both have faults so my supplier suggested 1 x GTX 285 my PC covers both but I do not know weather to change or not
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  1. GTX295, nothing less for those 2 GTX260's.

  2. Who is your supplier? Tell us... because that is someone who is trying to do you DIRTY. If they were offering you two 285 GTXs... that'd be fine... even two 275 GTXs... but a single 285 GTX? Bah. That stinks.
  3. I would run just the GTX 285. Lower power draw and less chances for driver related errors. I have a gtx 285 and haven't run into a game a can't play maxed.
  4. A single GTX 285 will perform quite a bit lower than a pair of GTX 260s.
    Not a good deal...
  5. gtx260<gtx285<5850<5870<gtx295<gtx260x2<5970
  6. obsidian86 said:
    gtx260<gtx285<5850<5870<GTX260 SLI<gtx295<GTX 275 SLI<5970

  7. i dunno hey its really touch and go between 260 sli and a gtx 295 i'd give the edge to the sli due to better clocking although the gtx 295 is gtx 275 cores clocked down to gtx 260 speeds
  8. Which kinda gives you the answer there...
    Which is faster, 2x240sp or 2x216sp, when both are running at the same clocks :p
  9. but you can overclock higher using 2 coolers then only using one
  10. Perhaps, but you can also overclock the GTX 295.
    No matter how much you overclock though, you can not add sp....
    Hard to say which will be faster when you factor in overclocking.
  11. Unless you go with an aftermarket HSF, I seriously doubt you'll OC either card by a great margin to make a worthy difference.

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