Monitor won't turn back on after long idle

Okay, so I leave my computer on over night, in the morning my monitor won't turn back on.
I hit enter, spacebar, move the mouse around, nothing.
I have tried switching vga to dvi adapter also.
I end up having to power off the computer, and turn it back on, and then the monitor comes back to life.

Hibernation = disabled
Power setting = turn of monitor never
Turn off hard disks = never
Disable PLL overvoltage in bios

Nvidia 8800gts latest drivers.
10 year old LG 17" monitor lol

What can I try to fix this ?
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  1. Have you tried simply pressing the power button as if you were going to turn the computer on. It sounds like the computer is going to sleep rather than turning the monitor off. Normally when the computer is asleep the power light will slowly blink rather than remain solid on.
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