I need a dell power suply that over 450 watts without cutting the case

I need a psu that can uphold a radeon 4670. I have a 400w already, but im still worried it might not be enough. I used a power calculator and found out i need 12 @ 21 on the rail. Mine has that but im still worried about the power. i have a dell 4550 to so i can't really cut anything without destroying the computer

P.S Its for my agp system. Here's the card http://www.hisdigital.com/us/product2-535.shtml

And here's the power supply im using for reference http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817338009
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  1. Ya but i use an ATX board. Not PS3 or EP12V. Good try though. It looks good for my other computer though.

    I should've asked this before, but would my current supply be enough to hold a 4670?
  2. Mirco PS3 is the form factor of the PSU, the one you currently have is that form factor, ATX is the form factor and standardization of the motherboard. EPS12V just means that it has an 8 pin aux power connector as well as the 4 pin. It will still work fine in your computer.

    Your current one only has 252W on the 12V rail which is a bit weak to power even a 4670, the one obsidian linked has 400W on the 12V rail which is more than enough to power a 4670.
  3. ya im not to familiar hooking up a psu with more than one 12v rail.
  4. obsidian86 said:

    That's more than twice what the computer is worth.
  5. delluser1 said:
    That's more than twice what the computer is worth.

    I know it is, but this is the only computer I got. My other one is really everyones computer in my house. I love my 4550. Its reliable and has quality equipment in it.
  6. wait a minute, how bout this one http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817338017

    I know the reviews are bad, but my computer doesnt have much of anything in it right now. Mobo, stock gpu, 2 cd drives and 1 gb of ram. thats it
  7. A pair of tin snips and 5 minutes worth of effort and you can use pretty much any standard power supply.
    It would be worth it to be able to buy a higher quallity power supply at a lower price.

    If you order today this ends up costing about half of what the POS Athena does
  8. Tin snips??? So i could cut the back of my case with tin snips? uhhh
  9. what kind of tin snips should i buy? Left and right ones made from Wiss sound good on other sites
  10. if you really want to this is a great time to do an upgrade


    just move all you have
  11. but wouldnt that take longer than just cutting the case? cutting shouldn't take too long should it?
  12. it should be faster to cut but your pc is out dated but if you happy with it do what you think would be best
  13. i think i'll go ahead and cut it. anyone have any experience case cutting???
  14. BUMP! Is there a tutorial for cutting cases? Any help would be good
  15. Here's a store that sell DELL SURPLUS parts.It has all sorts of Dell hardware including PSU.

  16. what about this antec? im not sure if it will fit in the case, but my old PSU dimensions were 3.4h x 5.5(fan side to back) and 5.9 inches side to side. Im getting some Wiss snips soo so i'll be able cut the hole for the switch soon

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