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Hi guys.
I need suggestion for good fans for my antec 300 case. I currently have crappy ones. I don't care if it is so loud like a plane as long as I have all my parts cool. I can spend as high as I want but I prefer to get the CHEAPEST one as possible. I will replace my stock fans from antec. The tricool fans since they are old now.

Parts that I need:
2 (120) intake fans - front panel
1 (120) intake fan - side panel
1 (140) exhaust - top
1 (140) exhaust -rear

Parts available locally since I cant order online:

So my choices are limited to those suppliers only.

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    sp 120's in the front as the hard drive bays will cause some restriction af 120 side panel
    silverstone air penetrators on cpu cooler if needed af 140's as exhaust
  2. tnx mate.. im just curious as to what the af and sp differs. what are their purposes and differences?
  3. af offer more airflow higher cfm they push out more air but struggle when put up against something restrictive like hard drive bays that what the sp's are for they dont move as much air but they can push it through something like a cpu heatsink or a radiator but they will be good when pushing through the hard drive bays you may also want to look into silverstone air penetrators they have a high static pressure but have a more directed airflow but are quite a bit more expensive it depends on what your willing to spend.
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