700-800 gaming pc

-Budget range 700-800 before rebate, but I really want it to reduce to 650 maybe..
-Computer for gaming.
-Parts not required: keyboard, mouse, and speakers
-I'm getting the parts off of and hoping to get them in stock in store. In California.
-I would like to stick to Intel but if I have to amd is fine. I want to stay with nvidia graphics card also, but if there's a better cheaper one, I would go for it.
-overclocking: maybe, not so much since i heard it's risky. SLI/Crossfire: maybe
-I would like the pc to stay into the zone of mostly gaming because I already have a laptop for the other necessities. Quiet or not as long as its fine.
I have some choices..

CPU: Intel core i3
RAM: Patriot 4GB DDR3 1600MHz Desktop Memory
GPU: BFG GTS 250 1GB PCI-Express Video Card
MOBO: GIgabyte GA-H55M-UD2H Intel P55 1156 Motherboard
PSU: Antec EarthWatts 500W Continuous Power Power Supply
case: Thermaltake V3 Black Edition Value-Performance Mid Tower Gaming Chassis ATX Computer Case
Monitor: Acer X183H b 18.5" Widescreen LCD Monitor
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  1. The second PCI-E slot on that mobo is not fast enough to run a graphics card on, so it wouldn't be worthwhile to SLI/Crossfire.
    Make sure that the RAM you buy has voltage 1.65V or below, as this is the limit on modern Intel CPUs.
  2. Instead of gts250, get a 5750 for the same price. If you can spend $15 more, get a 5770.
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    Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    This is my configuration, is $80,88 more that your budget, but is very better that your build.

    CPU $ 159,99 Phenom II X4 955
    RAM $ 114,99 G.Skill 4GB 1600
    MOBO $ 119,99 M4A79XTD EVO $10 rebate $109,99
    HDD $ 54,99 Seagate 500GB
    GPU $ 174,99 HD 5770 $10 rebate $164,99
    PSU + CASE $ 109,98 Ante 650W + Antec Three Hundred Illusion
    DRIVE $ 23,99 ASUS
    MONITOR $ 119,99 Hanns·G 21''

    Total: $ 865,89 after rebates and shipping.
  4. okay okay ill go with the gpu since it supports dx11
    Uber combo.. containing..
    GPU HD 5770
    the asus ODD asus 24x
    i found a good not so expensive HDD Samsung 250gb

    This seems perfect could u guys check it? Like if its capable to be placed in the case or.. is it even compatible with each other
  5. The build that I suggest to you is better that any of your configurations.
  6. If you want to game for 700-800 buy a ps3 off ebay for 215.00. 80gb or newer model. Then buy a 42inch lcd with all the money you just saved.

    Or just go with saint's build.
  7. ^That is another good option.
  8. but the case doesn't have a fan in the front is that okay?
    Saint is your build better because of the quad core?
  9. What case don't have fan in front?

    My build is a better option for:

    1- Is a quad core
    2- Have a better GPU
    3- Have a better RAM
    4- Have a better PSU
    5- Have a better HD
    6- Have a better Case
    7- Have a better monitor
  10. just making sure... the description of the case doesnt say front fan.. and is there any way u can reduce the total..? because i have to include os.
  11. slashobeint said:
    just making sure... the description of the case doesnt say front fan.. and is there any way u can reduce the total..? because i have to include os.

    Yeah, you are right, don't have front fa, but you can buy one for $10.

    Well, you can change the processor for this AMD Athlon II X3 440, isn't as good as the X4 955, and also isn't a BE so, the OC possibilities aren't as good as with the X4 955.
  12. Hmm yes can do for sub $800 with LCD/OS in - $788 AR
  13. okay i dont need os anymore.. but i could save 9 dollars going with the x4 945 and uhh.. i still dont think u can install a fan in the front of the case.. save around 10 dollars going for a 250gb. even with all that the grand total is 934$. maybe lessen up on the mobo? And the graphics card above and it's not that bad right? with the ram changed to the one above saving me 20 mroe dollars.... sooooo right now $914 i really dont want to down to the triple core.

    If i can install a fan on front

    Monitor deal ends tomorrow so i would have to get a 19" for the same price
  14. The only thing that don't like me is the voltage of the RAM.
  15. so should if i stick with yours this is perfect right?
  16. Right, DDR3 is 1.65V or less, and that A-DATA RAM is 1.65V to 1.85V, the 1.8V is the standard for DDR2
  17. For the RAM: The voltage is fine, but the CL not. Remember that DDR3 is CL6, CL7, or CL8.

    For the case: If you take a look of the Antec's web site you can see that for that case you can install 2x120mm in front of the case, so, you can install it.
  18. Okay totally confused for ram... because i know about the cl.. ddr3 4 g rams problem is that if its compatible with amd.., and for the fan i think ill just go for a cheap one.
    But the one u picked should work right?
  19. Isn't the ram the same for both AMD and Intel? In this case DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) 240 pin and the CL and voltage thing you said.
  20. @Slashobeint and Rotmammonth

    Any RAM is compatible with AMD and Intel, EXCEPT the tri-channel kits like 6GB (3x2GB) or 12GB (3x4GB) kits, because AMD don't support tri-channel yet.


    You right, that RAM work fine with your components, you don't need worry about that.
  21. thx i'll be deciding to order soon.
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  23. Any time that's why we are here.
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