5850 price just dropped :O

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  1. im waiting for the 4870 clearance sale to start; fall to below $130.
  2. Don't wait to long or they will disappear from retail...
  3. yeah I know but then I can get the 5770 since they are same price and it offers similar performance

    by the way, why is the GTX 260 selling for $215 on newegg? I didn't realize Nvidia cards are collectors items. Anyone willing to pay me $175 for a used but working very well 9800GT??? Anyone???
  4. Pretty cool deals.

    my new Asus 5850 Dirt 2 edition should be arriving from aria for £223.24 $333.40 on special :D

    They all sold out fairly fast though...

    on the other hand:

    www.overclockers.co.uk Powercolor 5850 Dirt 2 went up from £209.99 to £222.99 when the 5830 released...
  5. Aww... you poor Brits. My 5850 was $259 USD back in October.
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