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I have an HD 4850 connected to my Samsung 32" LCD TV through HDMI cable using a DVI2HDMI adapter (that came with the card). I'm not getting any audio from the TV. The same setup worked last week and I've not changed my PC in any way since then. Can anyone help me figure out what the problem is? Do I need to change any setting in Catalyst CC?

ATI HD 4850 512 MB
Samsung 32" B450C LCD TV
Catalyst 10.4

I've also noticed something strange. The TVs spec says that its native resolution is 1366x768. But I'm able to set 1920x1080 through MS Panel. In Catalyst I've set the option "List only those modes supported by all displays". What's going on here??
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  1. TV's can run at dynamic resolutions, also monitors and tvs have a different way of processing graphics. As for the missing audio, you might want to try a different hdmi cord or try tweaking the onboard audio, which is where most audio is decoded and then sent to the tv/monitor.
  2. does the videocard produce sounds also? i always thought that
    you use the sound card does that
  3. Thanks for the replies. The problem was with the audio device not switching to HDMI on hotplug. Silly me :)
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