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i overclocked the 6100 stable to 6 cores at 4.5ghz but now i have upgraded to the 8350 and cant overclock it to save my life. i know what i am doing but what i have tried just doesnt seem to want to work out. i have liquid cooling and hyperx genesis ram
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  1. What do you mean I won't OC to save your life? Can you not figure out how to do it or does it simply not take any OC? Run prime 95 at stock settings and see if you get errors. If so you may have a bad chip, return and replace it.
  2. I ran prime 95 for more than 12 hours and all 8 cores passed on everything. but the clock speed and vcore was throttling the whole time and temps never passed 54 degrees and i know they would have if not for the throttling. i tried to change settings as well so throttling would not occur. but still throttling , my system only throttles on prime 95, i do have the two hotfixes and set bios accordingly .
  3. the only thing i havent tried is to raise the vcore in bios, doing that now, anyway do you have any other ideas?
  4. i have also checked around on the net. and noticed with intel, that of throttling happened it was the motherboard in one instance, i am convinced it is my motherboard or the power supply as it is 580w, and the motherboard is the m5a 78m lx PLUS my motherboard can handle 125w tdp but it is not liking this chip i had no problems with the fx-6100....

    if i wasnt so broke i could try other parts ei power supply and motherboard. i doubt the ram is the problem, as it worked wonders with the 6100. like i say my processor passes in prime 95, until i change the LLC. i dont want to conclude that my chip is at fault, who does? i will exhaust all known factors before i get to that ......

    but yes thank you for the idea of prime 95 it gave me a direction to work with
  5. what brand is that psu? you could be getting some power ripple wich may cause some instability.

    other than that, the m5a 78m should have some room, try disabling c6 (thats your cpu speed throttling) and give the cpu NB and cpu HT just a little bump in voltage, could be a weak spot in there.

    Max out LLC so the votage doesn't change with varying loads, the actual max voltage will be lowered so you need to bump it up, LLC locks in at the low voltage, not the high.
  6. I have not found a remedy yet but i have already tried all the setting types you mentioned, also i have a hush psu that is 580w..... later i will try to swap out for better components

    but my conclusion is that my motherboard can not actually handle the processor i have installed, as i had to underclock to 3.8ghz to stop the throttling. the temps under torture test are 50c for the processor and 21c for the system. i learned that this motherboard was cheap for a reason and that is because you cant utilize the power of a 125w processor with it even though it is marked to do so. all in all i had a great experience with the mobo UNTIL i upgraded to the 8350 from the 6100

    other thoughts are that you can get any 95w processor for this and be satisfied but the 125w processor will leave much to be desired
  7. disable the apm in the bios!
  8. i tried disabling that as well already and didnt see improvement. I am certain that what i need is a better motherboard
  9. does anyone else here have the m5a 78l m lx plus board with the fx 8350?

    i would love to see what others make of its prime 95 results

    i see the clock speeds throttling well before the chip hits 45c , no matter the setting in the bios the motherboard cannot handle this chip even at stock clock. so to get the speed that did not throttle at, i had to downclock the processor

    i wonder now is if there is a software for amd 64 bit processors that can detect if processor is defective, because i believe my throttling is caused by my VRMS overheating and doing so to save my components ...
  10. does asus AI give you the temp readings on the VRM for that board? they may be trying to overheat.
  11. i am going to try to find a way to combat the high temps on the VRMs or try to stop that, also i have fans and heatsyncs etc

    does anyone know of software that can find cpu problems? i doubt its the cpu but i do want to check
  12. I called asus customer support they almost made me a rma, but i told them that would not help, so i eventually got the man to admit that this motherboard was out performed by the chip and in that instance we all realize that the motherboard should not be listed as to support 125w cpu let alone the 8350, so i got amazon and they offered me a full refund. i also found a suitable board for the chip. it cost less than my purchase of the other board.

    Biostar TA970XE AM3+ AMD 970 SATA6 USB 3.0 ATX DDR3 2000 Motherboard

    this is the board i will be getting and should handle the chip just fine, and is priced dirt cheap
  13. check reviews on the board. the cpu is sweet though! ...get the black edition if you can!
  14. Mt Power said:
    check reviews on the board. the cpu is sweet though! ...get the black edition if you can!

    All fx chips are black edition(unlocked multi)
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