660ti load temps?

with my side panel on my case my 660ti goes up to 85c while playing crysis 2,is this to hot? i have a coolermaster hafx with a pushpull rad ontop and a 220 mil fan in the front 200 on the side and 140 on the back.with my side panel off the card rarley breaks 70c ? this is with auto fans on should i set them manually? i have a direct cu2 asus also my load is 1078mhz witch i am also confused about because the card was supposed to be 915 with a boost of 985?
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  1. to add to this bf3 temps havnt touched 70c under 99% load ..this is a very weird card
  2. I've got the same card, and usually I run at round 55 - 58 degrees under load from Farcry 3/Battlefield 3.. something must be up with your card, have you checked if both fans on the card work?
  3. it seems it must have been that one run i the game because now i stay between 59-65 underload,does yours boost all the way to 1078mhz on the core? thats what my core is.
  4. The graphics card has an autoclocker if that's the correct name, it changes in accordance to gameplay FPS, it'll adjust the clock and the fanspeed to keep the smoothest frames possible.
  5. well so far since that one run i haven't hit 80 let alone i don't think 75,it went that high when i jumped in and spammed nades and blew up cars .is it possible the fan didn't curve fast enough to counter act the jump in gpu usage?
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