New build problems

i have build a new system last week which i now get bsod some times at random times whilst on my computer
but mostly everytime i play games which result in a bsod after a certain amount of time apart from one game without any issues at all
however i was reading through my motherboard manual and noticed my ram isnt listed in the compatability pages and was wondering if this could be why i get these bsod, i also noticed that when i go into the bios my ram is always set at 1333mhz unless i change it to 1600mhz is this normal this is my first build so im abit new to settings etc

my system specs are
intel core i5 760
asus maximuss iii formula
corsair dominator cmd4gx3m2a1600c9 2x2gb
corsair cx600
radion hd 5450
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  1. Hi noddyfever and welcome to Tom's forum.

    Download and test the RAM with memtest86+, and the 1333 is normal because the mobo select the best speed configuration for your RAM.
  2. QVL is not updated as often as new memory products are put on the market. Therefore, new memory that can be quite compatible with your board may not appear on the QVL.

    Memory on the QVL does not always guarantee that it will work properly because there are other system specific factors that may render memory inoperable.

    Your CPU ( i5-760 ) requires you to set D.O.C.P. in BIOS for the RAM modules ( 1600 MHz ) you have.

    Please come back with results after you test the above.
  3. thanks for the replys , i used memtest the other day with both sticks of ram in for 6 hours and had no errors , however i ran it this morning with just one stick at a time for 2 and a half hours each one came back clean with no errors however the other had a total of 36 errors , does this mean the stick of ram is bad?
  4. Yeah, the RAM that has errors is bad, that's your problem and the reason of your BSoD.

    RMA the RAM and wait for the replacement, or change it for one of the QVL that has the same specs that your current RAM.
  5. ok will do , thanks for your help :D
  6. Your welcome, let me know if you need more help.
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