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HI, just wondering if my 9600 gt video card will fit a 1366 socket.

also wondering if intel i7-930 will work with a ASUS Rampage II Extreme motherboard. Also if my 9600 GT video card will work.

Also how much RAM should i have for playing the newer video games (codmw2, Battlefield 2, ect.)

And what type of RAM should i get. i have asked a few people and they say that i should get DDR3 RAM but its triple the price, is

it worth it?

Also is a 600W power supply enough?

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  1. hey, and welcome tom's hardware.

    Your video card fits mostly on every motherboard that supports or have PCI-E x16/x2 slots.
    so yeah, it will fit and the socket 1366 which is rather more based on CPUs, like the new i7 cores.

    As i said, since you have the 1366 socket, Your motherboard was simply specified for i7 cores, so it will run very well with 930.

    The requirements of RAM rather depends on what you going to use the computer on. but if it for gaming, a 6gb will be recommend and good enough for you system.
    the most popular RAM to get are 6x2gb Dominator corsair, G.Skill, Super-talent, etc... they are really good.

    Yes, you PSU(power supply) will be plenty, but also it difference from brand. but most likely your PSU should do the job flawlessly.
  2. Sweet thanks jeyd02!
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