Should I install a bottom mounted fan?

So in my nzxt switch 810 I can put a fan at the bottom on the case as a intake, under the case is dust filter.

So if Did would it ruin the air flow?

I have 2 intake fans
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  1. If you add another intake fan you could achieve a positive air pressure, increasing the general airflow of the case and making dust more difficult to get into your case.
    But about ruining the airflow, unless you have a specific way to cool the GPU (For example the 140 mm in the front and another 120 mm in the Hard Drive cage directing it to the GPU), you won't ruin the airflow.

    If you're worried about the airflow you can put a 120/140 in the bottom and see if the temperatures of your hardware get better or worse. If they got worse you can place it in the front and remove a Hard Drive cage or place it in the bottom HDD cage.
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