My cmos battery wont hold charge when i unplug the computer it wont post

I am new here need someone to help me with my computer. When I unplug my computer it looses chanrge in the cmos and it will not post unless I restart several times it will evetually post and come to the desktop. Now when I unplug it we are back to the same problem. I have reset the bios by removing the battery and holding the power button in to drain the rserve power, but it still wont post. The fans and the cpu light comes on solid. I need to know if it is the motherboard or something I over looking.

Here are the specs to the it is a Asus AV8-E DELUXE board.
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  1. Have you thought about getting a new CMOS battery? They do eventually go bad and stop holding charge like all other batteries do.
  2. That Board is quite old now and as Tecmo indicates the battery is probably past its use by date. Obtain another battery and all will likely be ok after that.
  3. Hello I want to thank everyone for their response, but I have change the cmos battery I am thinking it is the motherboard or cpu is bad. The fans wont run on the motherboard when I jump the psu with the fans connected to it they run fine, and the light does turn green on the board when I power it up with the psu, but nothing else happens!
  4. Let's see here...

    Dead CMOS battery; Replacement CMOS battery not holding memory; fans inoperative; green LED illuminates...

    I wouldn't be suprised to see that your PSU is going south. I suggest you get a digital multimeter and test the voltages to the P1 connector. You can compare your readings to the readings in the PSU test section of the troubleshooting guide.

    Alternatively, you could try to decrease the load on your PSU by disconnecting any 4-pin molex connectors to devices that aren't necessary for a boot/POST. Disconnect ALL drives; remove your video card (if using one); remove sound card (if using one). Basically, all you should have installed and connected to power are:

    1. One RAM module
    2. CPU/heatsink
    3. Power Supply Unit

    I would even go as far as removing all of the front panel devices. To turn on the power to the mobo, jump the PWR_SW pins.
  5. Hello and thank you for your help on this situation! TT what you posted is what I did exactly and the CPU fan started running, so I decided to hook up all the DVD roms, hard disc and monitor and guess what it started to post like normal again.

    So I went to the computer store and purchased a new nic card (Internet wasn't working), and a new sound card integrated sound card wasn't working and install them. I put the tower back together and she is working great now, so I want to thank all who helped me get the quest on its way! :pt1cable: :pt1cable: :pt1cable:
  6. You're welcome. Glad to see your system is back to normal.
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