Youtube video problems, but no media player problems?

I just installed Win 7 on my ancient computer and everything is running fine but when im on youtube (or any other video stream website) the videos run fine in normal mode, but in full screen the video freezes while the sound plays. The computer doesnt freeze either because i can get out of the full screen with no problem. I wouldnt think this too odd because of how old the computer is, but when we watch a dvd on windows media player in full screen it runs great. Any ideas?

And sorry if this has already been posted, unlike the ones who would get upset, i do not have the time to look through every post and forum to find this answer (ive already spent alot of time looking)

Thanks for any help i may receive.
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  1. Im guessing you have a graphic card in your old computer? The graphic card is running video on your computer, but youtube uses Adobe flash--which is run primarily by your processor-- not the graphics card.

    You might try updating flash-- newer versions have GPU support (although yours might be too old to qualify)

    Edit: or it might just be because flash is bulky, unwieldy, crappy software and your video player is better at decoding.. especially if you are using something modern like GOM player.
  2. ya, basically anything i run makes the cpu go from 1% to 100% instintaneously. the copmputer is like 7 years old. its not actually mine its my younger brother who doesnt have enough to buy a new one. o well looks like hes S.O.L. then thanks
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