HP dv7 1245dx new motherboard wont boot

I installed a new motherboard in my hp dv7 1245dx. It starts up goes to HP screen, shuts down then restarts with a black screen then shuts off all together. I did a hard reset and stripped components. it will run without the memory with black screen..amy suggestions?
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  1. Interesting.
    I did the same and i get the same. did you clean up the Thermo Cool stuff on the Processor? I am about to order that cleaner and pour some new one to see if it does the trick. I searched and people say it has to do with the Graphic Chip but how the hell can a New Motherboard have that problem?
  2. Elneron, Thanks for adding to my post. I have since sent my board back to the company in Ohio that sold it to me. They tested it to be fine and wanted to send it back, I took the refund. Some young kids recently told me at Christmas that I probably had to flash the bios. My old motherboard was fine, i ruined it by pulling the powercover off to hard and pulling off the fragile plug that it connects to, so I know all my other components are fine?? Thanks
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