4850s crossfire, flickering issue

Hello, all

I am running 2 4850s in Crossfire on a msi 790fx Platinum (k9a2) mobo.

I have run both cards individually and they are both good performers.

I install crossfire and i get flickering images and horizontal lines in video games. This is after drivers uninstall/reinstall, adjusting fan speeds etc etc, and it does not go away but seperately the cards work fine.

Now i dont know what is causing this and im about to go into work so i cant continue to work on it, but i would like to know if anyone has any suggestions?

Bad bridges? I have them both hooked up, but the problem persists with one bridge (tried both) I am using the most recent drivers from ATIs website, and have used the older ones as well to no avail.
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  1. Nobody has any suggestions?
  2. I solved it finally, i did a clean install and cleaned out my crossfire bridges well. Turned out that one had developed a bend in it after all and somehow it works with one but not the other.

    So I guess it turned out to be a bad bridge.
  3. Hey Albyint - sorry we werent able to help you. There are so many issues on why people get flickering screens with graphics cards and monitors. Personally I have had cables and monitors cause flickering, and the ATI drivers seem to have issues as well.

    The good news is you did everything right. And sometimes the most satisfying answer is the one you are able to solve yourself...
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