I need advise on my first build. $1000 budget PC


BUDGET RANGE: around $1000

SYSTEM USAGE: Gaming, Music Production, Photoshop,

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Speakers, mice, keyboard



OVERCLOCKING: In the future
SLI OR CROSSFIRE: In the future

MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1600 x 900 for a 20 inch might go smaller to a 19 inch

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I need a second opinion on the system build.

Things I need help with.
RAM: There are two on the list not sure which one I should get?
CPU: Are they both the same?
Graphics Card: I need one that has the most bang for the buck. I might drop the one on the list if its over 1000.
Power Supply: Do you think I should go with the 700W? I plan to overclock and upgrade in the future or is it to much?

If you can help me out I appreciate it.
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  1. Some changes...

    CPU + Mobox4 955 + Gigabyte 890GX

    RAM - With newer heatsinks

    Graphics card - IMO HD 5770 is better suited for your needs...It is powerful enough for that resolution...

    HDD - IMO spend a little more and get the Samsung F3 1TB
    Faster, bigger and more efficient...

    DVD + PSU -
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    1. No reason to CF/SLI on a 1600 x 900 20 Incher :P
    2. Best not to compromise on GPU for gaming rig
    3. Possible config for consideration
  3. ^ The 940 is an AM2+(inbuilt DDR2 memory controller and not DDR3) CPU so it wont fit in AM3 boards...
  4. TS needs an OS and LCD in as well
  5. i tried... :P in all honesty after i posted i thought

    +1 batchka

    the only other thing i can say is wait till after the 26th then see if the 5xxx series falls in price, then buy one of those instead.
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  7. Thanks for the replys I did some changes.
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