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I have an older model Alienware laptop with an ATI Radeon X1800 graphics card. I used to play Final Fantasy XI and it performed decently, but the computer tended to get pretty hot. After a long break from video games I'm preparing for the release of Final Fantasy XIV, which I assume is going to be much more graphics heavy. Is there anything I could do to prevent the card from getting so hot? Also I've been looking at newer cards, what are some good options for under say $250?
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  1. a laptop cooler will help. i got a massive 23 to cool down my G50VT with a T9400 OC 2.9Ghz and a 9800MGS oc to GTS speed. and i got a 10-15c drop in temp

    if you dont oc your cpu, you can try this cheap trick, drop the vcore of your cpu to the minimum stable. it will drop your temp alots

    for a new videocard .. if its a mxm card ,you have a lil chance. but its expensive
  2. It's going to be very hard to add a new Video Card to a laptop. If you are going to get a new desktop, I'd get an ATI 5770 for about $130 on Newegg! It's an amazing card with 1GB of GDDR5 and Direct X 11 Ready!!! You can also run three monitors for a widened resolution for gaming, such as World of Warcraft!
  3. I am in your boat as well with a 7 year old Alienware and am preparing for FFXIV. I just bought some major updates for my PC in the form of a new mobo, processor, RAM, PSU, and GPU.

    I went with the ATI HD 5770 on Newegg. Haven't gotten it yet, but from what I read (and I did a lot of research) it's well worth the money and performers admirably.
  4. If you say you played XI deascently...then you dont have a prayer for 14.
    People are getting their top end rigs stomped by this game. Its the new Crysis.

    To say this game has a detailed polygon count is a significant understatement.
    EX: You change something like a ring on your finger, or an see it rendered in the game.
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