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Hello how are you?

I am interested in changing from air cooling to water/liquid cooling, although I have no idea what I'll do

My system is inside a Thermaltake V3 BlackX motherboard, and I'd like an external cooler

I am on Asrock 970 Extreme 3 with an 8 Core Vishera 8320 chip

What complete cooling system can I use? If possible under 150 USD
Will there be a tutorial/guide on installation and maintenance?

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  1. For a Beginner I'd recommend a XSPC rs240 or rs360 kit with the raystorm block, should cost around 150 dollars shipped.

    Read through this sticky first to gain a lot of knowledge:

    Then check out the e-tailers my personal fav is jab-tech, they have decent shipping cost and you can use promo code facebook to get 5% off.
  2. All kits will come with instructions and are straight forward to install my advice is to do your research here in the WC section and do not buy based on price alone.
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