Strangely high memory usage

for some strange reason my computer seems to be using a TON of physical memory (im packing 6GB of ddr3-1600 corsair), as much as 60% just running wow; i've alway closely watch my resourses, it has never went that high if i were to run wow and converting videos along with extracting rar, maybe only as high as 43%. my computer is also ramping high cpu usages on simple programs (24%) such as word doc or internet exporer, sometimes aero will stop running and i lose all the visuals of it. i've reformatted uncountable times, and the results are the same. is there a chnce that its my hard drive? oh and my power supply makes a rarely occuring electricall buzzing sound maybe something there?

cooler master 932 haf
coolermaster v8 cooler
asus p6t deluxe v2
core i7 920
6GB corsair ddr3-1600
evga gtx 285
2 x 500 gb hardrive in raid 0 (tired reformatting without any raids didnt do a thing)
1 x 1 tb harddrive
corsair 850 power supply
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  1. Maybe its your pirated copy of windows?
  2. oh no, vista prem 64-bit lagit
  3. if u have spare components, other ram, other psu, try those. see if it makes a difference. gpu and cpu should make no difference here so stick to the other ones, maybe ur ram isnt set properly, if ur ram says 1.6v make sure its set to that in BIOS.
  4. unfortunetly i dont have the parts, any my voltages were already set at 1.6. but i did a little something and its actually making a difference, now my ram runs at 44 run wow and starcraft 2 beta at the same time.
  5. once again its still doing that memory poping at 60%
  6. Where are you getting your memory numbers from?

    Windows will report itself using high amounts of memory even if it's only cached, a new feature in Vista and 7 called Superfetch. It's not uncommon for 60% of your memory to be reported as "used". It's just cached by the OS - it will be emptied in the event you actually need to use it.

    What process is using your CPU time when your load spikes during simply programs occurs?
  7. but it has never showed me such a amount used ever until now, plus i disable superfetch and it didnt make much of a difference. and simple programs spike to 70% when it loads, which i have never seen in my life. i watch my cpu and memory usage with the sidebar gadgets (this is the gadgets, which give me details on all 8 of my threads giving me a percent of each, as well as the total cpu usage
  8. To be honest, unless its affecting performance, ignore it.

    Bring up the task manager and look at the ram usage and cpu usage for the programs. Which processers are using a lot of ram? and how much are they using?
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