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Hello, I have my windows xp cd, but have lost the my product number, I have spent many many hours searching the internet for a solution, but they are (or seem to be) just being silly, if my system was running finding the key is simple, but it is not, I want to find the product key from off my ( LEGAL CD ), I am a pensioner and money is very tight, so am reluctant to purchase a new one. Can anyone help me.

Thank You.

Granddad1937 :bounce:
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  1. There is no help on this one, Granddad1937, I'm afraid to say. If it wasn't printed on the computer's case on a Certificate of Authenticity and you don't have the package it came in, the disk is useful only for repair purposes. You need the key as part of the installation process.

    If the system is still up and running, you could Google for and download MagicalJellyBean and that will pull the key out of the system and decrypt it for you.

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