Aftermarket cooler for AMD Phenom 965 BE

I'm looking to swap out my stock cooler for an aftermarket cooler. This is the AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE (3.4ghz, 125w). Are there any suggestions? I am in a full tower case so I would imagine that size would not be an issue. Also, I would prefer not to spend over 50 dollars.
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  1. The COOLER MASTER HYPER 212+ would be a great option for you.

    It's a good cooler with reasonable performance and an excellent cost/benefit ratio.

    Here you have some reviews:

    If you want the best of the best, then go for the NOCTUA NH-D14, but it's much more expensive:
  2. A cooler master hyper 212+ or even a scythe mugen, if u can find one.
  3. Same processor similar question.

    I've been reading forums and reviews for several days now looking for an aftermarket cooler that would be optimal for my setup as I'm not happy with the stock HSF, it cools fine its just noisy in an other wise quiet system. I don't overclock so excessive cooling is not required. I run folding@home on all four cores and keep the cpu maxed constantly so I'm looking for a cooler that achieves the following:

    1. Quiet cooler under max load, system is cooled using 120mm fans and is barely noticeable
    2. Maintain temps on par with stock cooler currently max load running around 51C, would sacrifice a little temp gain for quietness but not much as within 11 degrees of max now
    3. Low profile design possibly, smaller case can remove the duct if necessary.
    4. Fits on a mATX board with all ram slots populated
    5. No water cooling, hybrid as noted below is acceptable

    only site I found that really compares decibel levels to thermal efficiency is Frosty Tech but their reviews seem pretty outdated.

    Have been tempted by the Corsair H50 as it seems to fit the reqs but have seen really mixed reviews but I believe I'm in a minority as I don't overclock and not looking to actually increase performance just maintain performance at a lower decibel,
  4. I prefer the Arctic freezer 64 Pro over the Hyper 212. A little less costly, it provides the same cooling performance and noise level, and uses the stock backplate which saves some work. It also has a 6 year warranty to the hyper 212's 1 year.

    The downside is it only works on one platform. It has one version for AMD, and one version for Intel. The Hyper 212 is one unit that works on both platforms. If that is an issue for you.
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