[Intel] Tried to start overclocking but..

Yesterday I was trying to get into my bios to try to start overclocking.

However when I try to enter the BIOS my computer ends up just freezing.

Tried to reset CMOS. Removed the CMOS battery, and when i did that i got errors that wouldnt go past the startup screen.

anyone have any ideas?
thanks a ton in advance

Edit: forgot to mention i have an EVGA P55 SLI
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  1. The CMOS battery must be installed to boot, maybe you knew that but wanted to clarify. To fully clear the CMOS: remove AC power from the wall, remove the CMOS battery, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds, wait 15 min, replace CMOS and AC power and power up. This is overkill but will ensure no CMOS settings are retained.
    Now if it still freezes when you enter BIOS you know something is really wrong with the motherboard, if the PC works leave it alone.
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