Asus crosshair formula iii freezing and crashing

i am having issues with my new build freezing not really putting it thru its paces but tootleing along then WHAMMO freeze dead in its tracks....playing wow so i shouldn't have any issues....not like its a machine intensive is the build...

mobo:Asus crosshair formula3
cpu:amd phenom2 965x4 black edition
ram:8g ocz reaper ddr3
vid: 2x sapphire vapor-x 5870 hd 1g vid cards in crossfire mode
win 7 64bit home prem
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  1. Basic questions to answer: have you tried updating all your drivers, reinstalling WoW, and running the game on lower settings? This happens when you're playing WoW right?
  2. yes all the latest drivers ect. not the first time at the rodeo =D. first time ive had an issue with such a build last 6 went off without a far the only fix is to play in windowed mode..... odd.....andyea only in wow...but i havent tried any other i donno... i only play wow on the pc...
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