3.0 USB for Microsoft Office On Flash drive

How well would using a sata cable to plug in a 3.0 Flash drive to the mother board and secure the drive to one the empty

drive bays with zip ties (5.25 Bay) so that you can see the led light on the flash drive from the FRONT TRIM PIECE of the

HAF 922M Case?

(files would be MS OFFICE 2007-2010) Is the 3.0 USB currently compatible with MS office 07 10?

Flash Drive Size would be a 16 or 32 GB size?

Other Drives are 2 600GB

one 600 would be partitioned 300 for back up and 300 games

the other would be for miscellaneous files and extra stuff

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  1. You can't plug a USB drive to a SATA port.

    If you have an internal USB 3.0 port, or a header that you can change to USB 3.0 with an adapter, then yes you can plug the USB 3.0 drive in there. But I do not recommend this because even the fastest USB 3.0 flash drive like the Patriot Supersonic Magnum is slow compare to 3rd gen SSD and the SSD is cheaper in GB/$.
  2. There's also NO reason to put MS office on a USB drive when you have harddrives already.
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    Okay, my guess is you want to permanently attach a flash drive inside the case just for storing Office Files? Overall, I would highly suggest against that. I do a lot with Word (300+ page files). I have four main backups (cell phone, USB drive, external HDD, and SD card) that I keep disconnected from my machine unless I'm updating the files. That way, if there is a surge, the backups will not be affected. Again, flash drives are great for backup, but not meant to be plugged in all the time.
  4. what are the cons to leaving the flash plugged into a usb adapter for 3.0 long term?
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