Can I Fill More Than 70% Of My SSD?

I read in a few places, and have been told that I shouldn't fill up an SSD passed 70% capacity.

How serious is this and why?

The reason I ask is because to put Windows 7 and my two recording software programs and there related third party plug ins, I may end up being closer to 76%.

Will this make any significant difference, or is that little bit extra not going to matter?


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    It varies model to model, so no real way to answer that question.

    Generally, when a SSD gets nearly full it will start to slow down. Another general rule is that the larger the capacity of the drive the better the performance when it's nearly full. So a 120GB drive that is 80% full will work better than a 60GB drive that is 80% full.

    Run a benchmark right after you install Windows and your motherboard drivers. Keep it as a baseline and run another one after you've installed the rest of your programs. You can then compare the 2 benchmarks and see what kind of performance hit (if any) you've taken.

    You've already purchased your SSD so it's too late, but there are benchmarks with the new OCZ Vertex 4 that just came out last week with the drive at 100% capacity with hardly no loss of performance. See Post #4 of this link:
  2. Thanks for your advice and prompt reply Dereck47.

  3. I believe you need to keep 10-15% of the drive free for TRIM and garbage collection to work properly. Dereck47 is correct in his post as well.
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