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I have question on setting up a Raid I've tried it a couple times and have had trouble with it. My MOBO is a P8Z69-V Pro/GEN 3. I set up the Raid 1 in the Bios but Windows 7 doesn't seem to recognize it. I am running Windows 7 off a Crucial 128gb SSD.

I used a technice to save my profiles to my D drive and I don't know if that is what caused the issue but in the bios it says the two WD 1tb Green drives as set up as a Raid but in Windows you can see both.

Here is a screen shot.

Should I reload my system just on the SSD then set up the Raid afterword or is there a way to fix the issue? I am a Raid NOOB (This is my first) so I'm not sure if it was how I set up the system or if I'm running into another issue.
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  1. Have you installed all of the items listed under "sata" and "chipset" from here?
  2. What does Intel Rapid Storage show for your drives (presuming that the drives are connected to the ICH10R)?
  3. You say you set up RAID in BIOS, do you mean you set the SATA ports to RAID? Did you set up the drives in the array during BIOS post? <Ctrl>+<I>, set the RAID level, stripe size, name of array, and choose which drives...

    But only on the native Intel ports!

    What are you RAIDing? The picture is too unclear for me to see if it's your OS or Data drives.

    P.S. If it's RAID 1, you shouldn't have to re-install the OS. Set the array, and it'll take care of everything.
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    When you set the SATA controller to RAID, then you will get another line during POST that will say "press crtl +I" (or something like that) to enter RAID BIOS (or "RAID SETUP") utility. You need to get into the RAID BIOS to actually build the RAID array, and configure it. This is not done inside the regular BIOS. But for the option to enter the RAID BIOS to even appear, you must first set the SATA controller to RAID.

    PS, then after you have built the array, back in the usual BIOS you must set the array as bootable, or as storage, then follow along with everything else as if its a regular hard drive, (boot order etc if you are installing the OS on it)
    When the array is setup correctly, it will simply be presented to Windows as a single large drive volume that you can set active, format, assign a drive letter to, just like any other single drive.
  5. I may be wrong, but I believe the OP is trying to RAID 1 disks 1 and 2. Once the controller is in RAID mode, that can be done with the Intel Rapid Storage utilities or through the BIOS.
  6. Thanks for the feed back. What I had done is set the drives up in the BIOS to Raid 1 but in the MoBo set up I had the drives set to AHCI and not Raid mode. Once I switched that and re-installed windows 7 everything worked and the Raid showed up as only one drive.
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