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Producing Foam

Hello, so I just got done finishing up my first liquid cooled PC and I am going through the leak test which I will do for about 24 hours (I read somewhere that is the average time to test it). So anyways its been on for about two hours now running and it has not stopped producing a foam like appearance. It resembles a beer that is on a nitrous tap. I have the fill cap off hoping that it will help (again I read that is a way to fix it somewhere).

I am using the XSPC Dual Pump res, Primochill fluid w/ a Primocholl UV Dye. It almost appears as if the the output on the res is what's causing.

Any suggestions or ideas on how to make this go away, or should I just wait longer? It is not huge problem, its not very ascetic, but I want to make sure that its not a problem before I actually fire the system up.
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    That's funky. I would say its something to do with the dye and fluid you are using? Never seen that happen on my setup, I would try flushing it but saving the fluid and just running distilled through it to clean it out and see if it still does it which it shouldn't. I honestly would just run pure distilled water with the dye over coolant, I've heard its much easier to clean later on
  2. Bah, not looking forward to having to drain the system. Will give that a shot, thanks.

    One would think that since the dye and the coolant come from the same manufacture that they should compliment one another.
  3. Very true. It could be some sort of residue in the lines or the reservoir as well. Most likely its something simple and a quick flush will help. Flushing is never fun tho
  4. Well, Im headed to the corner store after dinner, will let you know if it helped.

    Question though, the res is about 85% full, is it possible it needs to be more than that, it seems like the bubbles are produced around the pumps.
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  6. Its possible that the water is "falling" a little bit into the res and churning up the water, mixing it with the air in the res, giving you the bubbles described.

    Fill the res as far as it will go, will also have the effect of quietening the pumps a bit.
  7. ** Flushing is never fun tho **
    It is in my house :)
    @Op. its most likely just aeration so fill the res, let the liquid work through, top up, rinse and repeat until its gone,
    Pic would help clarify but I'm betting thats the issue
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