Grafics and processer question

Im not super comp savy but i get most of the things.

My question is what is the difference between 512 and 1gb grafics cards?

Im currently buying a new computer and from my old one i have a 512 radion and im wondering if it is worth it to upgrade. Im planning on using the same flat screen 18 or 19in i cant remember.

I plan on using it for games.

also if anyone know what is the cheapest computer out that uses a Intel® Core™ i7 processor Extreme Edition 3.33ghz? im looking for under 1000$ us ( complete computer setup) if possible.
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  1. The core i7 extreme edition IS 1,000.

    There's a good combo that'll max out anything (reasonably...[crysis]) for the next 2-3 years or so.
  2. still didnt awsner my 1st question
  3. One has more Vram . Video memory is really only useful when you're attempting large resolution gaming, or anti-aliasing. Since you're not using a large resolution, you can stick with 512Mb.
  4. More memory isn't always better.
  5. There's very little point in buying the Ci7 EE when you could just buy a ci7 920 and a good aftermarket cooler and overclock the 920 to EE clocks or even higher.
  6. thanks shadow ill do that and save 150$.

    omgitzf I dont know how to overclock nor that super knowledgeable with computer so it was hard to follow your paragraph.

    I think this is the comp ill go with and use my 512mb radion graphics card and my sound blaster pro from my last rig hopefully they will work with no problems.|84&N=4001604&Mo=58&No=3&Nr=P_CatalogName%3aBC&cat=4797&Ns=P_Price|1||P_SignDesc1&Sp=C&model=AZ209AV%23ABA

    I will be getting the Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Quad processor Q8400 [2.66GHz, 4MB L2, 1333MHz FSB and 6GB DDR3-1066MHz SDRAM [3 DIMMs] upgrades I dont know if that will help much for games.
  7. Sorry, ci7 EE = Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition. And Ci7 920 = Intel Core i7 920

    So what I was trying to say was that you could save yourself alot of money by buying a much cheaper Core i7, like the Core i7 920 and then overclocking it (making it faster). There are some great guides in the overclocking section that explains overclocking : )

    May I suggest that you consider building the PC yourself, You can save alot of money and get better performance.
    As regards to your orginal question 512MB will be fine for your size monitor.
  8. Thank you for breaking it all down that was alot easyer to understand :)

    I did put together my last one buying parts from newegg but the thing is It was very difficult to see what was compaidble with what and I needed a bit of help from my dad putting it together and getting windows installed on it not that I have that lieing around anywhere so it might be better to buy a custom one from a company like costco or dell even know I know enough to not need their 1-2 year "service"

    I wish their was a website that you can make a custom computer of all brands for the cheapest price based on what you want that did all the 'is this compadable with this' work for you.

    Guess Ill have to rely on the good, intelligent people of toms hardware for now :)
  9. You could always make a thread in the Homebuilt section, Follow this

    Its really simple and easy, People here at Toms will be more than happy to help you out with any compatiblity questions or any other questions related to your build

    I think its worth a shot, You seem to have some experience buying and building, and if you get stuck just ask here : )
  10. Ill give that a go thanks.

    One other question in your expert opinion what processor is better for gaming?

    Inte Core i3-530 dual-core processor [2.93GHz, 512KB L2 + 4MB shared L3 cache, DMI 2.5GT/s]


    Intel Core2 Quad processor Q8400 [2.66GHz, 4MB L2, 1333MHz FSB]


    also are all i3, i5, i7s quad core processors?
  11. I wouldn't recommend either CPU's.

    The Core i3 is a Dual Core with Hyperthreading, Not really a gaming CPU more for Media/office low budget.
    The C2Q Q8400 Isn't bad, but it uses the 775 socket which no longer has an upgrade path.
    I would recommend either a Ci5 or Ci7 Both are quad core's, but the Ci7 9xx series like the Core i7 920 has hyperthreading, where as the Ci5 and Ci7 8xx series do not.

    You might want to consider an AMD build a phenom II 955 is a good processor and is cheap too
  12. :heink: haha that alot of info Ive always used Pentiums cause I am used to the brand and have a sort of good idea on what to expect and all that. I have no knowledge what so ever on amds and their differences.

    Basically what im looking for is a fully setup desktop under 800$. I dont care about brand or so much on future upgrades I just want one to play my old games and still can play some of the new like section 8 or SC2. I saw alot of packages for gaming desktops on newegg but i dont know if those comes with windows or if I really am getting a good deal. i can snap hard ware together and do basic troubleshooting, Im really good at getting off any type of viruses or its cousins.
  13. Best answer
    Phenom II x4 965: $170
    1x HD5830: $240
    Good 450Watt: $50
    23'' monitor: $150
    4GB RAM: $70
    640GB HDD: $60
    DVD drive: $20
    Case: $40

    This is assuming you don't need an OS.
  14. I do have the os on my old rig but i lost the key for it and I wouldn't know how to transfer it either. I do have a monitor, 512 radion grafics card, sound blaster sound and a case if need be the only thing is on my old rig with its laughable 3ghz Pentium is when I start the machine everything works fine up till when all my icons and start menu are suppose to show up they just never load.
    I can still ctrl+alt+delete and run programs that way but i cant install anything new and its just a headache to deal with but i have alot of important stuff on those hard drives which im sure are full of viruses by now.

    I wish I could just upgrade the old rig and clean it. Probably need a new mother board and ram since its kinda old its at 2 gigs and I want 4-6 :) plus the slow processes ha but I'm worried that it beyond fixable and i have alot of old games you just cant get anymore on it.

    Would my old rig be compatable with the amd your talking about or what would I need to do to be able to use it since its seems pretty good and afordable
  15. I think what I should do is keep the old rig and just upgrade it. I have XP on it so i don't know if I have to get windows 7 in order for all the newer hardware to work. I know ill probably need a new motherboard, processor, maby new ram assuming the ones I do have will work for an amd. i was searching on new egg and I looked a amd but I couldn't determine the difference between say a Phenom and an Athlon so I dont want to buy something im not sure about.
  16. You're going to spend more money squeezing the very life out of that old rig than buying a new one that will have better performance.
  17. What motherboard / cpu / graphics card do you have? We know its radeon 512MB, but there are many, many radeons with 512MB. :)
  18. Im at work right now but when i get home ill open her up and post better stats. the thing is I know more memory is better for resolution but as far as the numbers or anything esle I dont know whats good and what isnt :( I wish I could have spent more time when I was younger and not working 2 jobs to learn all these things then I wouldnt be bothering you guys with my problems :)

    @ shadow, /tear she served me well while it lasted :)
  19. You can save $10 on the CPU, don't ever buy a 965, you can easily use a 955.
  20. But also shadow assuming I need a full new rig and I can grab my 512mb radoin and the sound blaster live from the old rig what should I get as far as a new rig my budget is about 600-800 and I want it strickly for gaming.
    I probably be playing SC2, section 8, Aion, Supreme Commander 2, all my older games like Hl2, also BF 2140 or w/e the name ect ect.
  21. its looks really nice sabit00 but i dont know much of anything for amd how it is in comparison to getting an i7 for gaming? and If i get that one do i have to get another motherboard and will i be able to snap in my sound/video and ram to that mother board?
  22. For gaming a stock i7 920 & Phenom II X4 955 are basically tied.
    The higher clock rate makes up for the i7's better clock execution, while games hardly even use 4 cores.

    Which Radeon card is it?
    There's a huge difference between say a 512MB 2600XT & a 512MB 4870.
  23. I found my old new egg account :bounce:

    For ram I have:
    (2x) A-DATA Value Series 1GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Desktop Memory Model ADQVE1A16N

    For video i have:
    HIS H165PRF512N-R Radeon X1650PRO 512MB 128-bit GDDR2 PCI Express x16 CrossFireX Support Video Card

    BIOSTAR P4M900M4 478 VIA P4M900 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard

    Intel Pentium 4 3.0E Prescott 3.0GHz Socket 478 Single-Core Processor Model RK80546PG0801M - OEM
  24. What do you think?
  25. Phenom II x4 965: $170
    $50 Case: $50
    $50 450W PSU: $50
    4GB DDR3: $80
    Win7-64: $110
    780G MOBO: $70
    ATI HD5830: $240
    DVD Drive: $20
    640GB HDD: $60
    Total: $840

    Bad feeling I'm missing something, perhaps the monitor if you needed one. If you DO need one, you'll have to go with..

    Athlon II X4 630: $100
    ATI HD 5770: $140
    23'' monitor: $170
    Total with monitor: $840
  26. I wont need monitor or a case if I use the last one i have.

    only amd phenom i found was 209$

    I have a cd/dvd burner, and a 450 watt power supply in my last rig I can pull out. was the video card i do have not good enough? and whats a 780G MOBO?
    It's not worth the extra $50 for that 965.

    What size monitor do you have?
    shadow187 said:
    Phenom II x4 955: $160
    $50 Case: $50
    $50 450W PSU: $50
    4GB DDR3: $80
    Win7-64: $110
    780G MOBO: $70
    ATI HD5830: $240
    DVD Drive: $20
    640GB HDD: $60
    Total: $830
    Bad feeling I'm missing something, perhaps the monitor if you needed one. If you DO need one, you'll have to go with.

    You should buy a better case, as the HD5830 is going to be much hotter than your X1650, and it will need much better cooling. I also doubt your PSU is good enough as well; you need a dual 6-pin, I think. Also, saving $50 on the case won't allow you to buy anything better. 1600Mhz RAM, a better PSU, a bigger Hard-Drive, but nothing that will affect gaming more than 4fps.
    785G Motherboard, still $70 AMIR.
  28. I think this is what Im going to go with, please feel free to let me know if its a good setup or not, or what you would change. Make sure your new suggestion is compatible too please ")






    Im trying to keep the whole thing under 850$ well actually that's my budget my wife gave me lol and do keep in mind this is for gaming, web surfing, movie/tv watching (youtube, hulu, etc.) I want to be able to play a game and record it online at the same time too. ( any suggestions on a program to use that free or cheap?)

    Is comcast x-finity or Atat uverse a faster internet connection? ( I know that in relation to wear im living but on average)

    what is crossfire for video cards?

    do I need Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit 1-Pack for System Builders - OEM
    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Full - Retail

    The case I do have is it to small for your setup? (note: 4 of the led lights on the front burned out and the temp gauge on the front never worked)
  29. Crossfire is when you use 2 or more similar GPU's to speed up rendering, nVidia's equivalent is SLI.

    You can use either Windows 7 Retail or OEM, OEM just has a small CD box while Retail is what you see at Best Buy & Wal-Mart, the big box with flyers, pamphlets.
  30. Sanic, if that case is what you have, then go with my above build, except subtracting $50 for the case. Then add $20 to the PSU, and $50 to the GPU to get a 650W Corsair and an HD5850. There's your ultimate gaming rig.
  31. there is a almost 100$ difference so I was wondering what the difference between the two were. Id rather not spend the more if not needed heh. I think the video card I selected above will handle everything I throw at it so maby I dont need crossfire then.

    Is this a good audio card:
    or is there better?
  32. The quality in sound from an audio card is extremely small, and most likely unnoticeable unless you have a $100+ surround-sound system.

    The difference between two what? Graphics cards? The HD5850 is about 60% better than the HD5830, I think.
  33. The windows 7 retial and oem, I was asking why is there almost a 100$ difference between the 2 if there the same thing

    So if I was just using regular non surround sound speakers or earphones should I not even worry about a sound card?
  34. Because when OEMs purchase windows in mass quantities, they get a huge discount. They then forward some of that discount to us.
  35. cool that makes sence at it saves me :)

    whats different about BGMBOX and GIBOX for the amd processer?
  36. The FBGIBOX is the older steppings, the FBGMBOX is the newer C3 stepping.
    A stepping is a small revision that results in minimal changes, however in this case the C3 stepping runs cooler & overclocks higher.
  37. Cool I got the better one on my saved wish list. Ill have to go visit the over clocking forum and find out all about that and the advantages vs disadvantages of doing that. :whistle:

    Guess thats makes me an aspiring nerd :lol:
    Here hoping that your guys interlligence and guile rub off on me :sol:

    So here is my mock up of all the compents to a fully working computer:

    1. Case
    2. Motherboard
    3. Hard Drive
    4. Proscessor + thermal glue
    5. RAM
    6. Grafics card
    7. Sound card
    8. Mouse
    9. Keyboard
    10. Monitor
    11. Windows
    12. CD/DVD read/write/burner
    13. Power cable (for monitor and power supply
    14. Power supply

    Can you point out what Im missing if any?
  38. The Power cable (#13) addition is pretty redundant, as the monitor/PSU includes it.
    Once again, you won't even notice a sound card unless you play 6+ channels of audio at 90+ KHz.
  39. Thanks saboot I was just listing to make sure I wassnt missing anything and I think I have it all now.

    Also what is the cheapest way to get windows 7, I have xp on my current desktop but im guessing that wont work with all the upgrades im getting and buying win 7 for 300$ is out of the budget
  40. Buy the Windows 7 Home Edition for System Builders, it's only $110.
  41. Best answer selected by Sanic.
  42. This is my full list going to cost 750ish$ look good?

    if that doesn't work try

    Do I need Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound - OEM or will that come with the processor?
  43. Save $50 on the PSU and go ahead and get this one, then go ahead and get an HD5830.
  44. shadow187 said:
    Save $50 on the PSU and go ahead and get this one, then go ahead and get an HD5830.

    Why? That's a worse PSU, and the 5830 isn't significantly faster than a 5770.
  45. Of course it's a worse PSU, I'm saving $50, knucklehead.
    And it's like the HD4870 -> HD4890. You're getting an improvement.
  46. :D you two crack me up thanks for the info my original budget was 850$ and i think i can afford the better of the two for both of them.
  47. So i got everything up and running, everything seemed to be working fine and been getting all my software loaded, AVG, ccleaner, spybot, firefox etc etc and seems to be running fast and smooth BUT:

    ok now i think i have a problem, i find if im DLing 5 things at once on utorrent, or other small tasks and the screen flips out and all the grafics on the screen looks like a wet painting being hit with alot of water for like 3 seconds then goes to blue screen of death and does a memory dump. After which it resets the computer. after it reboots I have a message on windows saying some problem happend and sometimes it even crashes again same thing when that pop up comes up. after a cycle or 2 of this then it works fine, or if i start in safe mode then properly reset the computer. any ideas?
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