Anyway to overclock farther?

So i have a GTX 670 and i have it overclocked to 1241mhz is there anyway to overclock it farther because when ever i run it at higher settings it always says the drivers have crashed... I dont know if there is a mod or something that can help
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  1. is the issue happening also when on stock settings? maybe your OC is causing the issue
  2. Isn't 1241MHz quite high already? If you take a look at Techpowerup's review, they were only able to hit 1207MHz on the core at best. You've probably reached the max clock of your card already.
  3. I agree with what has been stated above by the others, if you want more speed upgrade to a better card. May I recommend the Devil13 if you can afford it
  4. no i cant afford it :P i am saving up for another 670... so then 1241 is a good overclock? i get about 1251 in dx11 heaven maxed
  5. 1241MHZ is a very good overlcok on every card... even HD 7800 series cards which are known to be incredible overclockers will usually not go much if at all further than this.
    what voltage is your card at with this overclock?
  6. not sure though its a msi power edition and i have not raised the voltage in msi afterburner at all, and it still runs fine
  7. i was trying to check and heaven willl NOT freaking start :/ oh my god i hate computers
  8. 1241Mhz is really good. You should be happy you got a Kepler chip that can go that high.

    The highest I've ever heard of is 1250mhz.

    I can only get my GTX 680s to hit 1225Mhz.
  9. awesome ok, well then hopfully i can get my second one up to 1241(when i get it)
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