HIS 5770 no drivers work???

A month ago I bought parts and built my pc, I had a Sapphire 5750. The screen looked fine through HDMI but when it came to 3d (or just simply W7 performance test) the card wasn't recognized. I tried the drivers on the disc, and the 10.2 drivers off the amd site, and both ways at the windows logon screen the screen would be jarbled and look tie dyed. I spent almost 2 hours on support doinjg random useless crap until they gave up and said it might be broken and to RMA it. The Return took forever and since it was on sale for barely more than the 5750 I bought a HIS 5770, again same jarbled screen whenever any drivers are installed. Is this card defective/broken? What the hell should I do?

My system is

Monitor Acer 23inch through HDMI
Windows 7 64 bit
500GB 7200 rpm sata 2.0gb/s3.5 internal hard drive
A-Data Gaming series 2X2gb ddr3 ram
OCZ Modxstream pro ocz600mxsp 600w power supply
AMD Athlon II X4 630 propus 2.8ghz socket am3 95W Quad Core
Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3p aM3 amd 770 atx Mobo
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  1. This is depressing :(
  2. Did you plug in the card to the 12v 6 Pin power supply connector?
  3. Yup also forgot to mention not overclocked and my mobo/bios drivers are up to date.
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