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hi i got a problem with my usb ports. i've posted a video on youtube to show you guys what my problem is. all the information is in the description. i am using a external usb hub because my motherboard only got 2 ports.
i can burn cd now so if it is a driver related issue please send me the driver link.

i would be greatful if you guys helped me with this problem.

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  1. I noticed a (?) missing driver but I could not read what it was; try right-click Update driver.

    Also, 'some' hubs do not work properly with 'some' devices, so I would recomend that you purchase a USB card for your MOBO. I see no listings for 'EP-P4X00D'.

    To identify your MOBO, use CPUz -
  2. the missing driver was a sound driver. i opend my computer case and it said it was a EP-P4X00D. i cant install cpu-z because my usb ports dont work. so you are saying that my usb ports are so old that thay dont work with newer devices? if so i should buy a new usb pci card.
  3. If the USB devices work properly DIRECTLY connected to your MOBO and not off the HUB then it's the HUB. I am saying to disconnect the 'Powered HUB' and try ONLY the MOBO USB Ports.

    USB HUB {Remove & Test}:
  4. i fixed the problem. i bought a pci usb card and everything works great now. my old usb ports was probably 1.0 and my flashdrive was 2.0. so thx jaquith.
  5. Yeah, that'll do it - Good Luck! :sol:
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