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my computer is loud i think it is the stock fan of the I7 3770k that i have running at full speed all of the time even when i am just web browsing. i changed some of the fans that i had in the case with quiet ones but still very loud the only one left is the heatsink. I am wondering why is it spinning so fast and loud all the time , this concerns me alot because it is not normal. any thoughts on this subject?
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  1. First thing, did you install the Heatsink correctly ? If the CPU heatsink is not properly attached you may experience cooling problems and because of that the fan is spinning faster.
    You can replace the thermal compound with something like Arctic Silver 5 to get better heat transfer between the CPU and the Heatsink.
    Another thing, to make sure that the CPU fan is the problem stop the fan a few seconds (No more, it could be dangerous for the CPU) and check if it's really the cpu fan the problem, because I have a noisy computer too and I replaced the CPU Heat sink and move some fans and the problem is the fan from the Power Supply.

    Or you could get an aftermarket heatsink like the Cooler Master Hyper 212 + or Noctua CPU heatsinks if you're concerned about noise.
  2. can also be the gpu fan..if the video driver is damaged the video card fan may not be resetting for max speed at post to the default speed of 30-40 percent. try msi afterburner and see if you can turn the fan speed down and see if the noise stops.
  3. ok first of all i thought it was the power supply i just recently changed it. i dont think it is the gpu fan. to stop the heat sink from working is risky i don't think that i would be comfortable doing that. i will post a video later on today after work so it is easier to see and heard the sound. is there a way to find out the speed of the heat sink fan or to find out the speed of it?
  4. hardware monitor or speedfan.
  5. You probably just need to go into the BIOS and set the fan profile to quiet assuming you're not overclocking and the case has reasonable airflow.
  6. ok so you think that the cpu is overclocking that is why the heatsink is getting loud? how can i check in my bios to see if it overclocks or not? also i have 3 X 120 mm fans on the case one on front one on the side and another one on the back without counting the psu. i am also planing on putting another one on the side i have it but lost the screws that holds it up. lol
  7. " class="img lazy">

    this is from hardware monitor, i also checked my bios it is not overclocking.
  8. Ok... What is the make and model of your motherboard?

    Edit: just looked at that chart - your cpu fan is spinning at 100% - there's the loud part. Like i said, need to go into bios, find the fan profile, and set it to "quiet"
  9. msi b75ma-p45
  10. Read my edit. Plain as day and easy fix.
  11. will it affect anything? or will the case stay cool anyways with the other fans?
  12. ok so it says cpu smart fan target and it gives me options of cpu temperatures to choose from. what is a good cpu temperature ? 40C?

    PS: it also says cpu speed i selected 62.5% and "sys fan1 control" on auto
  13. I went with 60C - well below dangerous levels. Set it to 50% idle - if it heats up it will still spin the fan up to compensate. Watch the percents and temps at idle then load and increase if necessary.
  14. It won't affect anything, it'll run a little bit hotter but more quiet.
    I have Hardware monitor Pro and I can control the fan speed from 0% to 100%, I don't know if the normal version has that feature.
  15. changng that didnt affect anything it still loud i guess it wasnt the heat sink now i am lost!
  16. Did you select save settings and exit when you left the bios?
  17. Rerun hwmon and check fan speed again. Can also download speedfan and try from there.
  18. one of the fans is producing a bit of sound so that i am going to change but there is background noise if it is the case that is loud. i sounds like a if huge fan is turning inside my case somewhere producing that sound. i don't think the other one in the back is capable of producing that sound. it is driving me crazy i might just take it to a computer repair shop after all. thank you all for your help.
  19. Sorry - nother thing - are u sure the cpu fan is plugged into the cpu fan header and not an unmanaged fan header? Worth a look - should be closest to the socket.
  20. the heat sink is quite now thanks to you guys , could computer vibrations be producing this?
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    Different cases sound different - what do you have? I'd unplug case fans one by one leaving the case panel off to see if u have one bad one. If it's still loud, leaves the gpu fan and psu fan. Might be vibration from a fan or drive - is there a disk in the optical drive that's flipping out
  22. ok i am going to try this hope it is just a bad fan and nothing wrong with the case or something
  23. I am wondering why is it spinning so fast and loud all the time
  24. If you have a Molex to 3 Pin fan adapter the fan will run at 100% so I don't know if you have that kind of adapter.
  25. OK i found the problem one of my side fans is loud i cant believe it but it was producing that sound i have a temporary one in there for now i will be buying one soon to replace it. thank you everybody and thank you J_E_D_70.

    P.S: what fan should i get beside the noctua? (120 mm)
  26. That I don't know - the stock fans on my case are quiet enough so I didn't do a lot of research there. Fan experts chime in please!

    Also, just google it and I'm sure a Tom's thread will pop up talking about it.

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  28. i think i have to make a new thread for this because i have little knowledge about computer air flow and how the fans are suppose to be positioned to maximize air flow and so forth. does more fans means less noise and lower temperatures?
  29. Just heads up. Run CPUID Hardware Monitor. You can see temps and fan speeds. Useful in many situations.
  30. Four is about optimal - front and side in, rear and top rear (if uhave one) out.

    There are many schools of thought on it but thats the standard set up.
  31. ok thank you so much so will these fan do the job?

    i only need 2, the rear one is quiet i brought a quiet one for the front so i will need one for the side and one for the top.
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