Where can I find compatibility ratings?

Noob Question, and I apologize, but I'm going to be building my first computer here pretty soon...couple of months and I'm wanting to be as good to go as possible beforehand. Where should I look for Motherboard and CPU/Memory compatibility?

Thanks in advance.
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    Most motherboard manufacturers list supported CPUs and Memory on their websites.

    Others also list this information in the motherboard manuals, which can also be downloaded, before purchase, from their websites.

    For example, this Gigabyte Motherboard webpage has links on the right-hand side for CPU Support and Memory Support

    Newegg is a good tool (even if you live outside the U.S.). Newegg has "Manufacturer Product Page" links that will help you research your board.
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  3. Thanks!
  4. Also, go to RAM Mfg's website for Tested RAM - use their Configuration tools and input your MOBO. In either case VERIFY, also if you find RAM that you like and it is not listed then email or call the RAM Mfg.

    Good Luck on your Build!
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